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As we read, listen for, pray and sing the Word, the Holy Spirit writes God’s truth on our hearts. This is how God shows us His character and gives us wisdom to apply to our everyday lives—What school should I go to? Should I find a new job? Should I stay in this relationship? We will hear His voice and sense His direction by encountering Him in His Word.

Take Courage

In 2018 - you can have CONVENIENCE or you can have COURAGE, but you cannot have both.

More Than Enough

The birth of Jesus is not just a story but a fulfillment of prophecy that ONLY God could be enough for. We all know the story of Jesus’ birth; Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel”. As early as Genesis the early prophets have spoken of the messiah. From Isaiah speaking of a Savior born of a virgin to David writing of His eternal throne. Today we know that they were speaking of Jesus - however as we look back to those prophecies and then flash forward to Jesus birth - he seems an almost impossible character to fulfill prophecies fit for a King. A baby, born to a humble couple, conceived out of wedlock, birthed in a stable after his mother was brought in on a donkey. How could this baby Jesus be enough to fulfill prophecies fit for a king? In this four week series we will connect the prophecy of the Old Testament with the fulfillment of the New Testament and show how Jesus was more than enough in his humble circumstances to fulfill these prophecies. Not only was he more than enough for that but today he is more than enough to fulfill everything promised in our own lives as well. As we close in on the Christmas season our tendency will be to try and produce what we think the season should be about with the purchase of gifts and party hosting. However, we see that we often end up feeling inadequate, incapable, not enough for the season. Let's spend these short 4 weeks refocusing on the goodness and fullness of Jesus and let him be more than enough this season

Empires & Kingdoms

Rome was an empire that used to rule most of the known world. It was seen as a great and unbreakable empire. It existed for 2000 years and once held 20% of the world’s population. When Jesus came, died and was resurrected it was a momentous culture shift. The people of Rome were saying yes to Jesus and building his church however, they had been heavily influenced by other pagan and idolic rituals and had a difficult time separating from the kingdoms of this world and the kingdom of God. People have always placed a huge value on their national identity. We hear similar sayings about American culture. We trust or hate our politicians based on political affiliations and put our time, energy and finances into the areas we feel most compelled by. However, even the roman empire fell. Each and every man made empire has fallen in time. However, we continue to put misguided hope and trust in them. We even build our own little kingdoms around us in the forms of families, social structures, health and financial success. The only kingdom that has been truly everlasting is God's kingdom. God's nation is the only one we should find national identity in.


Daniel lived not only a bold life but he lived out bold faith in God. We are not asking God for less, we are asking God for more. As we go “back to school” and back to work and back into a new season how do we walk forward with Bold Faith. Daniel is a young boy - 15 or 16 years old - exhibits bold faith during this time. How can we live with bold faith as Daniel did?


A four week series working through a foundational understanding of the big “C” church and refreshing our vision for our church. We will answer two questions: why we love the church, and why we love our church?


There are all sorts of various perspectives of what God is like, but one of the most prominent and powerful pictures is found in the most well known Psalm in all of the Bible, Psalm 23. God is like a good shepherd. What does this mean and how does this apply to our life in the here and now. In this series we will uncover and rediscover the mystery, comfort, and joy of God as the ultimate good shepherd.

The Kingdom Way

The Sermon on the Mount is arguably the most well known sermon ever preached. In just three short chapters, captured in the Gospel According to Matthew, Jesus critiques legalism, challenges the anxiety-inducing goals of the world, and provides a vision for life in the Kingdom of God.

Easter '17


We are invited into a life giving relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately, we spend too much of our time taking in second hand spirituality from others. In this series, we will look at what it means to engage in spiritual rhythms. Spiritual rhythms are those intentional practices we put in place to arranging our life to be with God and do life with God.

Love Song

The Song of Solomon is one of the most vulnerable and uncomfortable books in the entire Bible. The story gives us a front row seat into a intimate love story portrayed as a love song that moves from attraction to marriage. This sermon will introduce the series and focus on the first seven verses with a spotlight on attraction.

Discover Your One Word

To slow down, listen to God and discover your “one word” for the year as we share our our one word for the year as a church. Together we can enter into a new year in a new way.

All Things New

As Christmas approaches each year, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what” and “when” of the season and lose sight of the “why” and the “who.” After all, we have presents to buy, family to visit, projects to finish, and a house to decorate. Although these are important, we all know they are not the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The real reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth Jesus, who promises to make all things new, both now and eternity.

Leadership Summit Sept '16

The Leadership Summit is an opportunity for the leaders of Existence Church to gather together for the purpose of being energized, encouraged and empowered.


Hebrews is a letter written to a group of Jewish men and women who had come to believe Jesus was the Messiah. Over time the pain of life and the pressure of culture they started to struggle in their faith. At one point in their life Jesus was at the center, but this is not the case anymore. Hebrews was written to encourage these people to stay the course and cultivate deeper roots. It’s a letter all about Jesus.


We live in a culture that encourage us to view our life and our finances from the perspective of being entitled. Yet, God reminds us in many ways and in many places, we are not entitled, but we are entrusted. We are entrusted with a certain amount of resources for a certain amount of time. In this series, we will look at what it means to practice healthy biblical stewardship.


We’ve all been stuck at some point in our lives and in some area of our life. What we do when we feel stuck? How should we respond? In this three week series, we will look at some of steps we can take to move toward greater faith and freedom.

Won't You be my Neighbor

Let’s face it, we live in places where people share walls, but rarely share stories or struggles. Most of us know very little about the people we park next to each night. Yet, when Jesus was asked what is the greatest command he replied, "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and and love your neighbor as yourself." What does it mean to love your neighbor? Is Jesus just implying a general population or does He have something else in mind? Well come and join us as we spend five weeks working through these questions and more in a series titled, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Jesus Stories

Everyone loves a good story and everyone has a good story. They captivate our attention and engage our imagination in a way that is unique and powerful. In this nine week series, we will walk through the Gospel of Matthew and look closer at some of the stories of Jesus that have changed lives and ultimately changed our world. We will be empowered by those stories and encouraged to share our stories. Join us as we journey through moments in Jesus’ life and encounter Jesus together.

Easter '16

Embrace the Vision

The first Sunday in our new location, we encouraged everyone to embrace the journey as we dedicated our new home to God. Over the next two weeks, we will encourage everyone to embrace the vision of Existence Church. We are a church with a daring vision rooted in God’s Word and God’s heart. It’s a vision to be an inclusive missional community that follows Jesus together.

Embrace the Journey

In February, we will spend four weeks to study and reflect together on the select key moments in the book of Exodus, where God prepared His people for a new beginning in a new location. It is an amazing story of God freeing His people from captivity for a future of purpose, redemption and opportunity. We will look at and learn from their journey as we ourselves prepare for our new beginning in a new location as a church family. The fifth week will be a "dedication" service.

My One Word

For most people, each January they choose a problematic behavior that has plagued them for years, and then vow to reverse it. Thus begins the litany of imperfections to be perfected commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately our resolutions to change seldom work because they center on the person we regret being, rather than on who God is calling us to become. We need vision, not regret. In this message series our challenge is simple. We are asking everyone to lose the long the list of changes they want to make this year and instead ask God for one word to take into this new year. One word that most captures who God is calling us to be and do this year.


When we learn to expect the unexpected it opens up the opportunity for God to bring things into our lives on purpose that we didn't have down on paper.

Above & Beyond

A man was called. Leaving everything, he made a covenant with the one true God and became a blessing to all nations. His journey is our journey. We may find ourself in different places, but God is asking all of us in different ways to trust Him. In this eight week series we will learn how God is inviting us to deeper faith as a church.

Elephant in the Room '15

In this message series, we will talk about some of the important subjects people talk about outside the church, but rarely get talked about inside the church, especially on a Sunday morning. We will discover and discuss the "Elephant in the Room."

Forgotten God

In this six week message series, we will discover the person, role, and power of the Holy Spirit in our life as followers of Jesus. We pray in the name of all three, but do we only live in awareness of two?

Beware of the Spork

Am I what I do? Am I what I know? Am I who I know? Am I what others think about me? Am I what I think about myself? In this series, we will walk through the letter of Ephesians and discover in greater ways our identity in Christ. What God says about us is the most important thing about us.

Mothers Day '15

In this stand alone message, we will learn from the gift of motherhood by taking a look at an obscure, but powerful story in the Old Testament.

Easter '15

At Easter, we gather to consider and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. He is the Son of God, Savior of the World, Lord of Lords and Risen King.

What If

As we prepare for Easter at Existence, we are slowing down to ask and answer the question, "What If?" What if people around us mattered? What if we stepped out of our comfort zone and made an invite? What if we decided to get baptized? What if we understood the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Ready Set..

The stakes are too high, the vision and mission are too great, time is too limited, and people matter too much for anything less than partnering together. In this five week series, we will answer the question, "What does it mean to be a partner at Existence?'


As we enter into the new year, we have a thousand words circulating in our mind. In this series, we are slowing down to ask God to put "one word" on our heart. One word that captures most who He would have us become in this new year.


It is easy to move from year to the next without ever pausing to reflect on all that God has done in the past twelve months. In this message, we prepare for a new year by pausing to look back and be grateful for the previous year.

Silent Night

A Christmas Eve experience at Existence Church reflecting and celebrating the gift of Jesus as the long awaited Messiah.

All For A Child

For years, the greater Christian community has always dedicated the last few weeks of the year to focusing on the arrival of Jesus to earth. It's called the season of "advent." In this series, we will look at Jesus as the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Anthems of Gratitude

It is never as bad as we think it is and God is always doing more than we think He is in our life. In this four week series, we look at what it means to cultivate a life of gratitude from a heart of gratitude.


The world was changed through people who were empowered by faith in Jesus and fueled by the Holy Spirit. In this message series we explore and grow from the book of Acts.

Fit In

In this three week message series, we will focus on how can you FIT IN at Existence Church to our vision, to opportunities to give and to our overall community. Our desire is that everyone will be inspired not just to come to church, but to be the church.

Follow Me

Jesus never invited people to become His fans or His admirers. He invited people to join the great adventure of following Him. In this message series, we will focus on what it means to follow Jesus by learning from select portions of the Gospel of John.

Going Public

We may come to Jesus personally and privately, but we follow Him publicly. In this two week message series, we will prepare for Easter by "going public" through baptism and personal invites.

Pray Like Jesus

Every feel like you just don’t know “what” to pray or even at times “how” to pray? In this message series, we will learn to pray like Jesus as we study the Lord's prayer in Matthew 6.

Here to There

We all have places we want to end up. It’s the choices we make and the direction we take that determine our destination. In this message series, we will learn together through studying the book of Proverbs what it means to move from our “here” to God’s “there.”


From tattoos to temperaments, we all are marked by something in life. In this message, you will find out where we are going and what we hope to accomplish through our Sunday morning messages in 2014.

Daily Invitation: Life with God

The story of the Bible is a divine love story of God’s desire to be with people. If we can learn to spend one day with God, we can learn to spend a lifetime with God, one day at a time.

Toy Story

We celebrate Christmas because of the gift of Jesus Christ! It's not toys or a tree, it's the person of Jesus! In this message series we prepare our hearts for the Advent season.

Enter His Gates

As a church family we want to fully embrace a heart for worship and expresses a life of worship to our God and King. In this two part message series, we learn from Psalm 100 about what it means to enter into true worship.

For Pete's Sake

Every challenge is an opportunity to glorify God. In this message series, we study the letter of 1 & 2 as a source of guidance and direction for the difficult seasons of life.

The Dearest Place on Earth

The church is not an institution for perfect people. It is a sanctuary for sinners saved by the grace of God. The church is the dearest place on earth. In this message series, we will explore how to be the church and not just go to church.

Family Matters

Our families matter to God and they should matter to us. In message series, we learn not to take our cues from culture, but instead from the God who created the family and who Himself is a divine family.

My Dad Can

We tend to project onto our heavenly father the shortcomings and limitations of our earthly father. In this message series, we will study the names of God in the Old Testament and learn what our "dad" can do for us.


We all face battles. How we respond to those battles change our life. In this message series, we study battles in the Old Testament and learn how God works to shift us from place to another.

A Kingdom Response

The gospel is the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom. In this message series, we will look at what it means to have a Kingdom Response to things in our life as people who belong to the King.

Honor Roll

In the Bible, the word honor is used to speak of something that is valued, respected, protected, prioritized and treated as significant or weighty. In this series, we look at what it means to honor God, honor ourselves and honor each other.

Advent: The Gift

In this message series, we prepare our hearts for the real reason we celebrate Christmas. It's not because of a gift found under a tree, but the gift of Jesus life, death and resurrection.

In Not And

It is Jesus plus nothing that gains our acceptance, approval, forgiveness and freedom. In this message series, we study the letter of Colossians and learn that it is not "Christ and", it is "Christ in" us that makes all the difference to our life.

The Gospel

The gospel is the life altering, life changing, life defining news of Jesus and His Kingdom. In this message, we examine who Jesus is to us as result of this good news.

King Me

There is a great struggle in the human heart over who will be King in our life. A King has authority. A King has dominion. A King has power and influence. In this messages, we are encouraged to let God be King from memorable Old Testament stories

April Showers

Every person has experienced at some level what it feels like to experience loss or grief. In this message series, we are taking a short journey through the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament.

Say What?

A prophet is an individual inspired and empowered by God to minister to the people of God. In the message series, we are devoted to learning from the life of some of the greatest prophets found in the Old Testament.

Kingdom Come

The story of the Bible is a story about the Kingdom of God. The very reason Jesus came lived, died and victoriously rose from the dead was to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. In this message series, we will learn the story of the Kingdom.


Every person is uniquely, intentionally and divinely wired in such a way that certain things fill us and other things drain us. In this message series, we learn how God has uniquely wired us to experience the greatest amount of joy in our life.

Greek Love

God is never careless or reckless when it comes to using the word love. He always takes great lengths to talk about the subject of love carefully. In this message series, we will explore the four words used for love in the New Testament.

All Roads Lead to Romans

Salvation is God given. It is God driven. It is God originated. It is God empowered. In this message series, we study the book of Romans and find a source of encouragement and empowerment to follow Jesus.

Modern Faith

The word modern describes something that is current, new and fits within the times. Yet not everything needs to be changed. In this message series, we look at what it means to have modern faith.

Capture the Flag

God has built into our life God given flags. And these flags are their to protect us, empower us, help us move forward or make changes. In this message series, we look at how to capture those God given flags.

Elephant in the Room

In this message series we will focus on some controversial subjects people talk about outside the church, but rarely get talked about inside the church, especially on a Sunday morning. We will discover and discuss the "Elephant in the Room."