More Than Enough

The birth of Jesus is not just a story but a fulfillment of prophecy that ONLY God could be enough for. We all know the story of Jesus’ birth; Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel”. As early as Genesis the early prophets have spoken of the messiah. From Isaiah speaking of a Savior born of a virgin to David writing of His eternal throne. Today we know that they were speaking of Jesus - however as we look back to those prophecies and then flash forward to Jesus birth - he seems an almost impossible character to fulfill prophecies fit for a King. A baby, born to a humble couple, conceived out of wedlock, birthed in a stable after his mother was brought in on a donkey. How could this baby Jesus be enough to fulfill prophecies fit for a king? In this four week series we will connect the prophecy of the Old Testament with the fulfillment of the New Testament and show how Jesus was more than enough in his humble circumstances to fulfill these prophecies. Not only was he more than enough for that but today he is more than enough to fulfill everything promised in our own lives as well. As we close in on the Christmas season our tendency will be to try and produce what we think the season should be about with the purchase of gifts and party hosting. However, we see that we often end up feeling inadequate, incapable, not enough for the season. Let's spend these short 4 weeks refocusing on the goodness and fullness of Jesus and let him be more than enough this season