Empires & Kingdoms

Rome was an empire that used to rule most of the known world. It was seen as a great and unbreakable empire. It existed for 2000 years and once held 20% of the world’s population. When Jesus came, died and was resurrected it was a momentous culture shift. The people of Rome were saying yes to Jesus and building his church however, they had been heavily influenced by other pagan and idolic rituals and had a difficult time separating from the kingdoms of this world and the kingdom of God. People have always placed a huge value on their national identity. We hear similar sayings about American culture. We trust or hate our politicians based on political affiliations and put our time, energy and finances into the areas we feel most compelled by. However, even the roman empire fell. Each and every man made empire has fallen in time. However, we continue to put misguided hope and trust in them. We even build our own little kingdoms around us in the forms of families, social structures, health and financial success. The only kingdom that has been truly everlasting is God's kingdom. God's nation is the only one we should find national identity in.