Come Away With Me

February is a month filled with romance. Whether we want to get swept away in it or not it is everywhere. Stores are filled with hearts and flowers and chocolates. People are planning getaways and dreaming of going away somewhere. This month is a time where we naturally reflect on relationships - where we are in them, where they are taking us and how can they be magical. Some of us are focused on a relationship we are in, others of us are anticipating one and some of us are grieving the loss of one. All of us - at least at times - get swept away in the idea of a fantasy of love and romance regardless where we are or ever have been in relationships. But what about our relationship with God? In this 3 week series we are going to look at what the Bible says through the book of Ruth about the pursuit of our relationship with God and his pursuit of us. Join us each week as we walk through this short 4 chapter book and discover how we can faithfully engage in a life giving relationship with God.