We have desire to help every person take foundational steps to know, love, and serve Jesus by being a part of one on one discipleship journey. We offer opportunities twice a year to join with one other person for seven weeks with the sole purpose of growing together. For more information, to get connected, join our mailing list or sign up contact our community coordinator


In the New Testament, the word disciple is used over 200 times, while the word Christian is used only 3 times. Every person who has put their faith, hope and trust in Jesus is a disciple of Jesus. The word disciple is used to describe someone who has come to know, love, and serve Jesus. As we look at churches that have made the discipleship journey for others a priority one thing is clear. There is no magic formula for making disciples. The process looks different in each church. Discipleship is based on a relationship, not a secret formula. Jesus chose His disciples and developed a close relationship with them. He taught them how to be His followers within a context of relationship.


The material that will guide you through your seven week, one-on-one relationship is the book, Kingdom Come: A Gospel Centered Guide to Discipleship. In the gospel centered guide to discipleship you will understand the story of the Kingdom of God and learn what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. You will be inspired, educated, encouraged, and challenged to not just admire Jesus, but radically commit your life to seeing His Kingdom come in and through you.