Every Summer, we offer several unique opportunities to enjoy community as a church family. In June, you are invited to be a part of our Family Movie Night! We promise it will be a blast! Please make sure to bring a blanket or chairs and join us in the parking lot to watch the movie Zootopia. Movie begins at sunset. Popcorn will be provided. Bring your favorite movie snack to enjoy and share. Also, keep in mind this is a perfect event to invite friends or family.  

When: June 24th (Friday Evening) at 6:30pm at the Church

Where: Existence Church Parking Lot

What to Bring: Don’t forget to bring a blanket, chairs or pillows to sit on and snack to enjoy.  

Who to Contact: If you would like more information please contact Krystal our Kid’s Life Director at krystal@existencechurch.com

Facebook Event Invite: Find out more by clicking here.

Flyer to Share: Take a moment to share this flyer with friends and family on social media or through e-mail.


Everyone has a story and everyone will leave story. No matter what your story is currently, it will always be better with Jesus at the center. If anyone knows this to be true, it’s Lacey. Lacey was facing tremendous challenges and significant pain. In the midst of her brokenness, God brought life changing healing and new life. Take a moment to listen to Lacey and be encouraged by her Jesus story.


Meet Brian Reiswig. Brian has been attending Existence Church for the past 8 years, and it was a couple of years ago that he and Pastor Shawn Kennedy had a vision. That vision was to offer professional counseling in a safe, familiar environment for members of the Existence community. At our previous location, this simply wasn’t a possibility due to logistics. But now that we’ve moved into our new building, the vision is becoming a reality!

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Starting Monday, April 25, Brian will be taking clients. He will be working out of Existence on Mondays plus one other weekday morning. What is known as the nursing room on Sundays will be transformed during the week into a room perfect for counseling sessions. Reduced rates will be offered for Existence Church community members.

While pastoral counseling is a wonderful resource, sometimes the struggles of life can take us to a place where we desire high level psychotherapy from a specialized therapist. Brian is a professional Marriage and Family Therapist currently in private practice at the San Diego Institute for Couples and Families. He specializes in counseling for both individuals and couples, focusing on a variety of issues including depression, trauma, compulsive behavior, relationships, and addiction. Brian’s hope is that by bringing his services into the church, it will create an accessible place for the Existence community to seek help.

Since you’ll be sharing personal details from your lives with Brian, we thought it only fair to share some of his as well. His favorite ice cream flavor is Chubby Hubby or anything with pretzels, he has a fear of spiders, he loves going to Disneyland with his family, he dislikes most muffins, and he once had 911 called for him when he got stuck in a hide-a-bed sofa.

In all seriousness, Brian is here to help. He wants to come alongside you and provide therapy from a Christian foundation. To reach out to Brian with questions or to schedule an appointment, call him at 760-500-9355 or e-mail Brian at breiswig@sdicouples.com

Check out Brian’s Portfolio Page by Click Here

We are excited to welcome Ryan Miller to our Leadership Team. Ryan will oversee and launch our student ministry and we can’t wait to see what God does in the coming days. To check out more about our new student ministry, “Real Life” click here. Also make sure to join us on Monday April 25th at 7pm for our first ever student ministry vision night!

Here are some questions we asked Ryan to help you get to know him a little better…


I grew up in San Diego and went to Poway High School before attending Wheaton College in Illinois. At Wheaton I studied philosophy, played baseball, sang in the Gospel choir, and believe it or not, pulled far too many pranks. After college I played professional baseball for 3 years and worked for the high school ministry of Cru during the off-season before taking a job coaching baseball at Biola University this last year. I have since felt the call back to full-time ministry where I am now contributing in a part-time role with Cru and Existence along with pursuing a Masters in Theology.


God has blessed me with an unbelievable woman who I will be marrying this July. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in our first year of marriage and how he prunes, shapes, and grows us as a couple in ministry.


I see my role as helping to add another link in the chain of discipleship at Existence. Our new church is fortunate to be surrounded by several high schools and middle schools. I look forward to seeing North County youth fall in love with Jesus and becoming plugged into Existence, adding to the discipleship chain.


I feel a deep calling to reach out to sinners and outcasts in the same way Jesus did. I never felt comfortable with the stereotypical Christian culture when growing up mainly because I felt like an outsider to that culture. Jesus reached out to outsiders and that is what I hope to do in my ministry as well.


Partnership with Cru:

Real life partners with the high school ministry of Cru on the campuses of Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Del Norte. This allows students to not only have an outlet to worship God through Real Life, but share the love of God with their friends at their school. We partner through Cru club during lunch at school, small group bible studies, sharing our faith on campus, Big Mondays (outreach event on the first Monday of the month), and overseas mission trips to Puerto Rico and Portugal.

Partnership with Parents:

We believe that a great and necessary way to help our students grow spiritually and sustain our ministry is to involve parents. We partner with parents by utilizing their personal strengths and willingness to serve.

If you are a parent that would like to get involved, there are plenty of ways you can help! Please contact Ryan at ryanmiller.existence@gmail.com


Everyone loves a good story. They captivate our attention and engage our imagination in a way that is unique, memorable and powerful. So for next nine weeks, we are going to walk through moments in the Gospel of Matthew and look closer at some of the stories of Jesus that have changed lives and ultimately changed our world. We will be encouraged and empowered by these Jesus stories and encouraged and empowered to share our own Jesus stories.


Date: April 10th  / Scripture: Matthew 5 – 7


Date: April 17th  Scripture: Matthew 8:5-13


Date: April 24th / Scripture: Matthew 9:1-8


Date: May 1st


Date: May 8th  / Scripture: Matthew 12:33-36


Date: May 15th  / Scripture: Matthew 13:1-9


Date: May 22nd  / Scripture: Matthew 13:44


Date: May 29th / Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28


Date: June 5th / Scripture: Matthew 18:23-25


Date: June 12th / Scripture: Matthew 25: 14-31




We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Joshua Straub to Existence Church on May 1st for our first ever “Safe House Conference.” He will be joining us on Sunday morning to talk about how to have healthy relationships and then again on Sunday evening to talk about how to cultivate a safe house in a very unsafe world.

When: Sunday Evening – 4pm – 6pm (Josh will also be speaking on Sunday morning during the 9am and 11am service)

Where: Existence Church – 10960 Via Frontera Road, San Diego, CA 92127

Cost: Childcare is provided at a very low cost of $10 per child and $5 each additional child. Spots are limited. Please RSVP.

Sign Up – To RSVP visit our events page on Facebook by Clicking Here. You can also contact Sam at sam@existencechurch.com if you need further help.

More Resources: You can visit Josh’s website,  read Josh’s bio, buy the Safe House book or watch the Safe House promo or watch the Safe House Trailer.

Helpful Details 

Have you ever considered what kind of story you’re writing for your children? Or what effect your story is having on those little ones you love most?

One of the most hopeful, yet scary, realizations is that the quality of our story influences how well we coauthor our kid’s stories.

And that’s what the Safe House Conference is all about—helping you coauthor beautiful stories for your children. Everyone knows parenting is difficult enough. But what if it were simpler? What if there was a way to become more confident in how we parent? To know that we’re coauthoring beautiful stories for our kids?

Both science and the Bible show us that the most important thing we can provide for our kids is a place of emotional safety.

But what is emotional safety?
Join us as author, speaker, and professor of child development, Joshua Straub, takes us on a journey through our own story, provides practical ways of becoming emotionally safe, and helps us learn how to answer the most important question our children are asking, “Am I safe?”

Dr. Straub is an author, speaker, and family advocate. He is currently the president and cofounder of the Connextion Group, assistant professor at Liberty University Online and serves on the teaching team at Woodland Hills Family Church. Dr. Straub and his wife Christi reside in Nashville, TN and are the proud parents of a son and daughter.

When: Saturday April 21st and 22nd.

All information can be found here: http://mademarketsd.com/

We hope our church community will come out on Saturday, April 2 to enjoy this fantastic event! Read on to hear what Made Market Co-Director, Sarah Baumgart, has to say about Made Market, MOPS, and what you can expect at the event.

“Made Market SD is a San Diego craft fair that features 50+ carefully curated, local craft talent and artisans that are exclusive to handmade goods. Made Market started with a dream of being a way to love on community and give back. My love language is acts of service, and being a maker I wanted to reach the handmade community as everything is inspired and curated with tons of love.

It began with wanting to partner with Moms of Pre Schoolers (MOPS) at Existence Church to help raise money to fund scholarships for those who are looking to join a community of moms who are on this beautiful mess of a journey we call motherhood. We’ve all been placed in this time and place in history, as the tribe of women who are raising the world. And the beauty of it is that we don’t all have to agree with one another, but everyone is in and we all need each other.

MOPS been a huge blessing to me and many others who joined when I did and after. Kim Hotsenpiller (Co-Director of Made Market) is the director of MOPS at Existence Church. I asked Kim to journey along with me and keep this going, and even through her uncertainty, God definitely spoke to her about being BOLD, and I thank God every day for this. Even though I’m the creative brain and founder, Kim brings so much of what I didn’t have to make this even more a success. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be doing this without her. God placed her in this big vision for many reasons and we are so blessed to be doing this together.”

What you can expect on Saturday for a $3 entry fee (kids are free!):

  • 50 hand-picked vendors

  • make & take table

  • raffle prizes every 30 minutes with handmade goodies donated by our amazing vendors (must be present to win and claim raffle prizes)

  • darling photo booth you will definitely want to take advantage of

  • live music!!

  • be one of the first 50 shoppers to snag one of our amazing swag bags

And most exciting of all, take note of our new location in Rancho Bernardo, which is bigger and easier to find, with plenty of parking available!  10960 Via Frontera, San Diego 92127(link to Google Maps)

So there you have it! Now all you need to do is text a few girlfriends and make a day of it: grab your Starbucks and come out to shop our 4th annual Made Market!

We can’t wait to see you!

Made Market Team


6 Highlights from Easter

I am blown away and beyond grateful for this past Easter weekend!!! It not only was the grand opening of our new location, but also an incredible three days of ministry. In my opinion, it was the BEST WEEKEND EVER at Existence Church! Thank you for inviting, praying, gathering, worshipping and responding. It is a privilege to serve as your pastor and follow Jesus together with you.

I wanted to share a few of the MANY wins from this past weekend WORTH CELEBRATING.


Several people made first time decisions to follow Jesus this past weekend!!! From Good Friday to Easter Sunday, heaven applauded as men and women joined God’s family! It doesn’t get any better!

#2 – 6,000 EGGS – PEOPLE LOVED

On Saturday, families from our church and the community gathered to watch their kids have fun hunting for 6,000 easter eggs. We had a smoothie truck, three bounce houses, face painting, phenomenal tacos and more. People who may not have normally felt comfortable going to church felt loved and it was the most diversity we’ve seen in our four walls.


You invited and people came. Way to go church! The 9am and the 11am were full as people considered and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. We had to make room by putting out more chairs, which allowed us more opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with others! The total count with kids and live stream was around 700. Our Easter services have grown 40 percent in the last two years and can’t wait to see what happens in the years to come So exciting! If you missed the service, you can check it out here. 


Children of all ages heard the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus on Sunday and then made bracelets to share with friends and family. We broke an all time record by having 117 children apart of Kid’s Life.Pretty cool!!! I am so proud and thankful I am so thankful our Kid’s Life leaders and leadership team! They serve with such a passion and joy.


The entire worship and tech team did a fantastic job leading us into worship throughout the weekend! I loved the new song, “Resurrecting” on Sunday and “No Longer Slaves” on Good Friday. Did I mention it sounded incredible as well!!! Way to go team!  


Since January the 1st, we have invested around 10,000 hours of service and raised over $100,000 dollars to transform our facility into a new home for our church family! It was worth every hour and every penny. The place looked amazing. I love our new church location!!! Here is a video of some of the changes.  


I know this is crazy, but just think about it for a moment. We have only been in our new location for a month. On Sunday, it was our grand opening to the community at large! It’s exciting! Thank you again to everyone who prayed and prepared for this past weekend. God is working in powerful ways and the best is yet to come!

Have a great week church. I look forward to the seeing you all on Sunday.
Pastor Shawn

In just a few days we will celebrate Easter together at Existence Church and I can’t wait! On Friday, we will have a Good Friday Experience that will help us reflect and rejoice in the death of Jesus. On Saturday, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt that will allow us to serve and love the greater community.  Then, on Sunday, we will gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together!!! As you can see, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring someone to church!  

This year, you can make a difference in someone’s life by walking across the room, sending an e-mail, making a phone call, handing out a flyer, or posting on social media an invite to Easter at Existence! I know it’s not always easy to make an invite for a variety of reasons, but I want to encourage you to push past your fear and take a bold step of faith. Eternity matters too much and life with Jesus is too good to not share His message.

As you go to make an invite, here are a TWO THINGS to remember that have been encouraging and helpful to me:


Sometimes we say “no” for others before they even have an opportunity to say “yes.” I know I have done this so many times in the past. Here is the truth that we have to keep in front of us, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!”  Our job is to share Jesus. We are not responsible for the results or the response.

You never know what can happen if you simply take a step of faith and extend an invite to your family, your coworkers, your friends, your barista, your doctor, your dentist, your mechanic, your financial advisor, your server, your classmates, or your neighbors.

So let’s not say, “no” or give up on people! Remember, someone was willing to share Jesus with you, so let’s be willing to share Jesus with others.  (See Colossians 1, John 10:10, John 3, Romans 10) (Take time to listen to this message on inclusive living.)


Sometimes we forget that God is already at work! He loves people more than we do. He pursues people greater than we do.

Which means…

Before we ever make an invite, the Spirit of God has already been at work drawing people toward a relationship with Jesus. (John 6:44)

For me, this is so encouraging!!! God is at work and we get to join in Him in His greater story.  We partner with a God who pursues, loves, saves, redeems and heals! We don’t have to create the work of God, we just have to see where God is already working.  

So, let’s keep our eyes open and our hearts open as we approach Easter.


As a leadership team, we are working hard to provide the best environment where people can come and hear the message of Jesus. It is my prayer that all of us would see and seize this opportunity to be a difference maker in someone’s life. I am praying that we will fill seats and God will fill hearts this Easter.

Excited and Expectant,

Pastor Shawn

Existence Church Family,

I have to tell you that this past Sunday will go down as one of my favorite days in the history of our church!!! It not only marked the first service in our new location, but also a first page in a new chapter of our story.  After taking some time to reflect, I thought I would share four brief highlights with you.   


One of my favorite ways we get to worship God is by gathering together to worship through singing as a church family! On Sunday we sang for the first time, “Here as it is in Heaven.” It was so good! The sound was fantastic, the team did an amazing job, but most importantly God’s presence was evident to all. I left fired up about worshipping together!


I absolutely love our new Kid’s Life facilities and our Kid’s Life leadership team! The space is so intentionally designed to clear all distractions and help children of all ages come to know, love and serve Jesus. We had over a hundred kids on Sunday and it was awesome! Everyone was in the same building and I couldn’t be happier!


So much time, energy, and resources were put into making our foyer a place of rich community. From the coffee house, to the design and decorations, to the furniture and finishing touches it was all worth it. I get so pumped about watching people have a safe and inviting place to take the next step in their journey of faith with God.


Overall the entire service was a humbling experience of God’s grace. God provided a building for us. God provided resources for us. God provided people for us. God provided salvation for us. God provided healing for us. God provided new life for us. I am humbled at God’s grace and the continued overwhelming good news of Jesus and His Kingdom!

In short, I CANNOT WAIT for what God will do in our lives and through our church family in the coming days. I love you guys and THANK YOU for allowing me the privilege to serve as your pastor.

The Best Is Yet To Come!!

Pastor Shawn 

Looking for the First Service – Click Here

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