We want to invite you to be a part of our Christmas Eve Services at Existence Church! Come join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together! All the detail you need are below:

When: December 24th

Service Times: 4:00pm and 5:30pm

Address: 10960 Via Frontera Road, San Diego, CA 92127

What to Expect: We will gather to worship together, be encouraged by God’s Word, and celebrate the birth of Jesus through a candlelight experience. We will have a family photo booth available for you to capture this Christmas Eve memory with your family and friends. Last, but not least, we will provide fake snow for kids to enjoy as they prepare for Christmas day.

Opportunities to Invite: Please take a moment to share with others on facebook, instagram or other social streams. Even if you are not in town you can invite friends and family. Thank you ahead of time.

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Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner! At Existence we fight for the vision to see our church actively engaged in community. We want to invite you to participate in Friendsgiving on November 20th. Meet others, share a meal, and celebrate the Thanksgiving season!

We are in need of a few more hosts and would love to see the majority of our church signed up to attend one! If you are willing to open up your home for this awesome opportunity, or would like to sign up to go to a Friendsgiving, please contact our Community Coordinator Sam Yoboud, at sam@existencechurch.com.


-Open up your home or space (could be a park or another location similar).

-Provide the main course.

-Contact and coordinate with the goers signed up for your Friendsgiving.


-Sign up for a Friendsgiving of your choice or let us pick for you.

-Bring a side that goes along with your hosts main course.

-Be prepared to have some good conversation and Friendsgiving fun!


Man Up Night – November 29th

We would like to invite you to join us for our next Men’s Large Group Gathering at Existence Church. All the information you need is below.

When: Tuesday – November 29th

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

What to Expect: We with gather, grub and grow together in community as men. Our special guest speaker is Dennis Baker. He will be taking time to challenge us to consider our “why” through a message titled, “Trim the Ham.”

Layout for the Night

+ 6:30pm – 7:00pm – Connect in Community 0ver Food

+ 7:00pm – 8:00pm – Worship, Message, Prayer

We would like to invite you to our Fall worship night on November, 13th at 5:30pm! As a church, we’ve been walking through our series “Further: A Study in Hebrews” and we want to dive into what it mean to go “Further” in our worship as a church family. We will be looking at Hebrews 12:28-29 which says, “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.””

We will also be welcoming Riverbound Band, which is made up of many of our very own talented musicians and leaders. They have been working hard, writing and recording their own original material to share with us. Riverbound says: 
We are drawn to the imagery of trees found throughout scripture. The ones who put down roots by streams of Living water, who are fully sustained and nourished by the River, whose purpose and power are derived solely from their proximity to and relationship with the River.

Jeremiah 17:8 says “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

We want to be bound to the River, for every reason, in every season. Without well-watered roots we know that there can be no fruit; nothing that lasts anyway. We want to dwell at the River, constantly drawing from its strength to fuel the work we’ve been given to do.”

Please be sure to join us for an engaging night of worship. Remember to invite your friends and family to experience this night together with us as well. Childcare is available, to RSVP for your child please email:krystal@existencechurch.com. Thank you, we’re looking forward to worshiping with you all!

Fall Festival 2016

Existence Church is thrilled to host this years Fall Festival for our church family and surrounding community. We will have bounce houses, carnival games, cars full of candy for trunk or treat, our annual chili cook off,  line dancing and more.  We encourage you to bring a friend, dress in a kid friendly costume and come have fun with us at this annual free event!

When: October 29th

What Time: 4pm – 7Pm (Chili Cook off starts at 4:30pm)

Where: Existence Church – 10960 Via Frontera Road 92127

How to Get Involved: If you would like to donate, serve, provide chili or bring a car for trunk or treat: CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you soon!



The way we handle our finances reveal who and what we value, who and what we love, and on a bigger grander level, who and what we trust to care for our lives. There is nothing that comes through our hands that competes for our hearts like finances. It has been our goal over the last several weeks in our series, “Entrusted” to encourage and empower you to practice healthy biblical stewardship. If you missed a week or want to go back and listen to any messages visit previous messages or livestream on our website. We have included below an easy to print out document with some very practical resources to take the next step toward in your journey.

Download the PDF Document – Click Here

Entrusted Resources


Three Reasons Why I Give

Last week, I gave a message at our church titled “Entrusted to Give.” The big idea of the message was simple and straightforward: We serve a generous God who longs for us to live generously.

I have come to realize that whenever you bring up the subject of giving, people (for very legitimate reasons) feel uncomfortable. It’s amazing the amount of imaginary phone calls, sudden flu like symptoms, and heads that turn looking for an early exit strategy.

I understand the tension. For several years, I completely avoided this subject out of insecurity and fear. I am not proud of it, but it’s true. I didn’t want to offend anyone or making them feel uncomfortable in anyway. Looking back, I was more concerned with comfort than I was with people experiencing greater growth, greater joy and greater freedom. It took me a long time to discover that you cannot lead and love well unless you are willing to unashamedly fight for joy. It is one my greatest regrets as a young pastor. Now, I come to this subject with genuine excitement and firm conviction. I have a renewed faith that when we practice healthy biblical stewardship, it impacts our life, our family, our church family and our world.


I surrendered my life to God in high school. Several years later I surrendered my finances to God and started to learn what it means to listen, love and trust him in this area.

At that time, I started the spiritual practice of tithing. The practice is to return the first ten percent of what God has entrusted to you back to His Kingdom work on earth. It was either given to the local synagogue in the Old Testament or the local church in the New Testament. While tithing is a practice, it is also a principle. The principle behind the practice is to make trusting God a first priority as an expression of faith, love and obedience.

At first the practice of consistently giving was intimidating to me!

What if God doesn’t come through and meet my needs?

What if I don’t have enough at the end of the day?

Should I wait until I have more to give more?

The truth is the journey toward trusting God in this area of my life has not come easy, but it has been completely worth it. Over and over again, I have trusted God and found God trustworthy. I look back on over twenty years of practicing generosity and I can say with great sincerity, “I have no regrets.”

I get asked from time to time an interesting and very personal question. The question is “why do I give?”

Do I give because I am a pastor and if I didn’t it would be hypocrisy and malpractice?

Do I give because I feel obligated to do my part at our church?

Do I give because I believe it secures my standing before God?  

Well, I thought I would take a moment and answer this question for you. Here are three reasons why I give and practice generosity as a follower of Jesus.


The writer of John’s Gospel account said it best: “For God so loved the world that He gave…” (John 3:16) The longer I live, the more aware I become of God’s grace and generosity in both my life and in our world. Giving has become a way for me to express gratitude.


Jesus said: “Where your treasures are your heart will be also…” (Matt 6:21). Giving teaches me to put God first, to trust Him fully and to treasure Him rightly. It’s the only area that I am aware of in scripture that we are invited to test His trustworthiness. God is not only trustworthy, He is also a loving Heavenly Father who cares deeply for our lives. If anyone knows the best way to handle finances, it’s God.


I believe the single greatest financial investment we can make is an investment into the Kingdom of God. It’s so exciting to partner with God in extending His Kingdom here on earth. For me, giving is not a reluctant obligation. It is a rich opportunity! I believe we are blessed to bless, given to give, and loved to love!

Let me finish by inviting you to slow down and consider your own journey with God in this area of your life. Giving is a deeply personal practice that involves honesty, vulnerability, and faith. What we do with the finances God has entrusted to us always reveals who and what we value, and who and what we trust to care for our lives. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take that step of faith and discover what it means to trust God and find God trustworthy!


If you missed last week Wes and Mikala JVR shared their story with us. It was powerful, challenging, inspiring and encouraging! Take a moment to watch it: CLICK HERE.


If you are looking for some more books to read around the subject of stewardship and generosity consider the following:

+ The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

+ How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley 

+ The Generosity Factor by Ken Blanchard

+ The Blessed Life by Robert Morris


Remember what it was like dating your partner? You had an endless amount of energy to learn everything about them, and that process was an intoxicating delight. You were constantly moving towards each other – to learn, to connect, to enjoy life together.  Your story was at the forefront of your mind; it was captivating! For most of us, as time progresses and our relationship becomes more established, we settle into a comfortable routine and tend to loose the passion of pursuit we once had. And although there are perks that accompany that comfortable routine, we can become so wrapped up in busy schedules, parenting, family commitments, etc that we forget to invest in our most important friendship.

Join us on September 30 and October 1 as we “pause” from the everyday and spend the weekend exploring God’s purpose for our marriages, and learn more about this unique adventure He’s brought to our lives. Throughout the weekend we’ll engage in meaningful discussions, build deeper connection with each other and with other couples, and enjoy the luxuries of Lake San Marcos. Most importantly, get ready to have a ton of fun with your best friend!

About the Event

DatesFriday, September 30 (6pm-9pm; opening session and poolside smores bar)

Saturday, October 1 (breakfast and lunch included, final session will close by 4pm)

Location: Lakehouse Hotel & Resort, 1025 La Bonita Drive, San Marcos, 92078

Cost:  $160 – Session admission only (includes breakfast & lunch Saturday, does not include hotel)

$159 – Hotel (optional, tax not included.  Sleeping rooms can be booked directly through Lakehouse: 760.744.0120, ask for the “Existence Retreat” room rate)

(Total cost $319, plus tax, to attend sessions and stay overnight at the resort)


Registration closes Sunday, September 11, so don’t delay!

Sponsorships: We hope to be able to provide sponsorships for couples wanting to attend the retreat. If you are interested in sponsoring a couple, or being sponsored, please let us know.

Our hope is that our church would use this opportunity to extend an invitation to the married/engaged/seriously dating couples in their circles, to join us as we intentionally invest in friendship with our partner and with other couples. Help us practice being an inclusive, missional, community in all things, but especially marriage!

For more info, including photos of the resort, visit our website: StoryOfUs.Life

See you at the lake!

Couples Life Team

As we move into the fall at Existence Church, we want to encourage everyone to be a part of a life group. Life Groups are a place where people can know others and be known by others, where they can pray and be prayed for, encourage and be encouraged.


Joining a life group at Existence is easy. Whether you are interested in Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Couples or Coed, we have a place for you. If you don’t discover something that interests you, let us know. We are always looking to partner with people to start new groups. For more information, to get connected, join our mailing list or discover our various groups contact our community coordinator sam@existencechurch.com


To find a group at Existence Church take a moment to visit our central directory by CLICKING HERE.

My name is Jonny Gose. I am a grateful husband to my wife Becky and a proud father of our daughter Liberty. We have called Existence Church home for several years and currently serve together as full time staff with InterVarsity at UC San Diego. I want to share with you what God is doing on our campus. It truly is a movement in our own backyard. 


A Movement in our own Backyard

“She encouraged me to come to a worship event… I tagged along somewhat skeptically, expecting an unshared and detached service, like what I was used to. I had never felt personally touched by Jesus until I felt all the energy and warmth in the room, and knew that he was present with me. – Chelsea”


What’s happening at UC San Diego is nothing short of miraculous! Chelsea is one of 115 students that came to faith during the 2015-2016 school year, either making a first-time decision or recommitting their lives to follow Jesus. And no, it didn’t take a massive crusade or world renowned evangelist, but student to student, friend to friend, relationship and invitation.

InterVarsity began as a student movement in the 1940’s and continues to be among the largest

student lead, faith based movements in the U.S. At InterVarsity UCSD our vision is to see students Experience God, Reach the Campus, and Change the World.

This past year was incredible.We’ve seen freshmen planting their own small groups within the first 10 weeks of school, students following Jesus for the first time, then leading their friends to know Him, and international students experiencing God and starting bible study groups in their home countries after returning!

This past year we saw over 400 students involved in our small group ministry alone, with over 25% identifying as non-Christian.  Friends leading friends to know and experience Jesus has become a reality of our movement.

Where Are We Headed?

Students need God and they need someone to make the introduction… That’s why we’re on campus. It burdens us that students are struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, identity, brokenness, and separation from God.

We long to see Revival at UCSD, to see students receive abundant life in relationship

with Jesus Christ!  With roughly 30,000 students on the campus of UCSD, there’s a huge need for students to  experience God. As we look forward over the next 5 years, we long to create more spaces where students can do just that. We believe the best way to do that is through planting small groups.

By empowering student leaders to plant new small groups to reach their immediate community, we’re seeing the potential of reaching the entire campus become a reality! Each small group effectively reaches about 10 students. This past year we ended the year with 32 small groups. Over the next 3-5 years, we’re hoping to increase to 100 small groups, expanding our reach to 1000 students.

pic1How Can You Help?


Your prayer is crucial to supporting us in our work on campus! Join our newsletter list to receive monthly updates and prayer requests. [click here http://goo.gl/forms/XTKwli6ckbpBno2m2]

Financial Support

Our ministry is fully funded by individual and church partners. By committing to give monthly or annually, you help provide tangible needs that equip students and staff to reach the next generation of world changers. For more information on financial partnership and specific needs contact us

[click here http://goo.gl/forms/XTKwli6ckbpBno2m2]


We need volunteers to help with various events and outreaches throughout the year. If you’d like to hear more about volunteer opportunities [click here http://goo.gl/forms/XTKwli6ckbpBno2m2]