On Thursday, we helped run the 2nd to last day of the “Esplai,” or Kid’s Camp.  The kids spent much of their morning practicing their choreography and singing the song, “Todo Se Puede Lograr,” or “Everything Can Be Achieved.”  It’s quite catchy and has been stuck in everyone’s heads except for one lucky person, Lacey.  The kids love it, and amazingly seem to know all of the words even though Spanish isn’t the native language for a good portion of them. In the later part of the day, they played special games in the park across the street that worked on team building and communication. For example in one of the games, a blind-folded child with a serving spoon had 60 seconds to try to feed his or her partner a container of yogurt while the one eating gave directions…up, right, forward, farther!!

After the children went home, we had a short break when the boys went across the street to a Moroccan barber shop and I rested. Then, two of the mothers of some Moroccan children from the camp cooked us traditional couscous to say, “Thank you.”  We felt so honored to have this special dish prepared for us; it took them 2 1/2 hours! [Flash forward to Friday: One of their sons and his friend cried as they were leaving the last day of camp because they were going to miss it so much.] Also, the lunch gave us a special time together as a group to share stories and get to know the Spain team. I got to know a few of the long-term ladies better, and we discussed their struggles and the best parts of their jobs. Lacey had a special bond with the aid of Google Translate with one of the Spanish-speaking couples, and the boys continued to bond with the men on the team.
We continued the evening spending time with one of our good friends on the long term team, the best of all tour guides, in downtown. Even though he has many other things on his agenda, he made a special effort to spend time with us the entire trip.  We ended up a restaurant called “Amics” for short, and rejoined one of the couples from earlier. After hours of great conversation and learning more about their work we finally headed home, totally exhausted but happy about the great day.

Until we see you again,