Benefit Bowl 2014

Here at Existence Church we are passionate about being an Inclusive, Missional, Community. Our Benefit Bowl is an event that we have every year that shows that passion. This year we raised funds for families in need through La Maestra Health Center. La Maestra cares for a part of our city that inhabits 24 different cultures and languages and is the most impoverish area of San Diego. We at Existence Church are empowering them to provide opportunities to those in the most need, as a church we raised $3500.

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This years Benefit Bowl was our largest to date with over 200 people in attendance and 14 teams actively playing. The family area included a bounce house, an obstacle course and snacks that were enjoyed by all the children there! Everyone had a great day and we left knowing that children at La Maestra were impacted.


The Winning Team

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Our church family is such a blessing, thank you for being a passionate, giving community and living out Our Vision. To learn more about La Maestra you can go Here.